LLA's Nuestro Futuro Scholarship

April 05, 2023 - June 05, 2023

1 award of:


Scholarship description

  Eligibility Requirements:

       The applicant must be of Latino/a heritage and a resident of Lehigh or Northampton County.

Award Criteria

The criteria taken into consideration for scholarship awards are as follows:


1.   Demonstration of financial need.

2.   Indication of potential based on grades and academic performance.

3.   Demonstration of participation in school or community activities.

4.   Indication of student’s motivation, sincerity and/or special circumstances as revealed through the letter of recommendation.

5.   Indication of student’s motivation and sincerity as revealed through the personal essay.

This scholarship hasn’t been launched yet. We’ll remind you when it's open for applications.

The 2023 scholarship has been closed. Leave us your email and we'll update you when/if the scholarship has been opened up.